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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Thomas LaylandThomas Layland
Passed 1st time with 0 faults
Stewart was great to learn to drive with, he taught me how to pass my test, and drive quickly. He makes you work things out for yourself which really speeds up the learning and makes you understand, which allowed me to pass my test first time! He also never cancelled or rearranged a lesson and was always on time. He was a great instructor, kept me calm and relaxed and was fun to spend time with. Thanks Stewart.

Can't thank you enough for all you have done for me with my driving and being the most patient person in the world! You gave me the confidence to not give up, to keep going and now it's paid off. Professional from start to finish but made my learning to drive experience lots of fun and your tips will stick with me! Thanks again 😊

Passed 1st time
Learning to drive with Stewart was a great experience. Having an instructor who was calm and patient really put my nerves at ease. He gave me constructive criticism but also praise which gave me confidence in what I could do and knowledge in what I could do to improve. Stewart puts a lot of effort into his teaching and really cares for the outcomes of each of his students. Thank you Stewart!

Out of all the other driving instructors that came before Stewart i can hands down say he is the best out of them all combined, he makes you feel at ease the entire time. has his own unique style of training people by actually getting you to come up with the answer allowing you to adapt to any situation. instead of just telling you what to do all the time. From my first lesson to my last it was a great adventure that Stewart helped guide and shape to make me the best that i could be! he tells you exactly what you want to hear which in turn makes you feel better about yourself while your doing everything. would highly recommend Stewart to anyone that is looking to start driving, or needs that extra push to make it the rest of the way.

Passed 1st time
My experience with Stewart was superb, instruction was always clear, taught to the highest standard and well explained. Topics were not only taught thoroughly, but at a good pace, which meant you never finished a lesson thinking the money wasn't well spent. If I had to do it all again I wouldn't hesitate in choosing Stewart as my instructor, and would highly recommend to anyone else looking for a driving instructor.

Megan ClarkMegan Clark
After having 4 different driving instructors and not getting anywhere with them and then coming to you and you putting me through my test was a real big achievement for me, you made me feel at ease the whole time and made me feel confident whilst driving. I enjoyed every single lesson whilst learning with you. You are a very calm and collected person and that is just what I needed as I stress very easily. I will 110% recommend you to anyone I know wanting to learn how to drive. Thank you so much again for helping me pass my test!!

First Time Pass
Thankyou so much for working with me on my driving skills and helping me pass first time within just one month! I wasn't very confident when I came to you and I didn't really know much about driving, you worked on that with me, I overcome everything and you helped me achieve everything I wanted too and more! You believed in me which made me believe in myself, you made me feel so calm and at ease and I enjoyed all my lessons learning with you. When I made mistakes you stayed calm and worked with me in a way to fix the mistakes which worked best for me, this made me stay calm. I will definitely recommend you in the future, and thank you so much again for passing me in such short time.

Passed 1st time
Stewart is a brilliant teacher who cares for every one of his students individually. He transformed me from a nervous driver with no self belief to a very confident one who passed first time (I also enjoy driving very much now). He is very patient and allows his students to reach the best of their potenial to be not only a safe driver, but a skilled one as well. He taught me in a short time frame which was intense but he put all his effort into me getting the best outcome, which I am very grateful for. Thank you Stewart

Caitlin GraingerCaitlin Grainger
Passed 1st time
First of all I would like to thank you because I was very grateful that you could take me on at such short notice of me taking my test. After my previous driving instructor let me down 4 weeks before my test I didn't expect to find another instructor so quick. We agreed that we move my test date back so we could see what my driving was like and we could have more time to improve on the manoeuvres that I was less confidence on. You actually taught me better techniques on some of the manoeuvres than my previous instructor which helped me with my confidence and you told me in a polite way if I did something wrong. Because I lack confidence I sometimes find it hard to relax with people I don't know, but you put me at ease which helped me enjoy my lessons more. Thank you again for helping me pass my driving test first time.

Alex LippaiAlex Lippai
Passed 1st time with me
I would say that overall I was very happy with the learning process and the short timeframe it took to pass. I think the intensive driving course helped with this and allowed me to progress through the various lesson plans a lot quicker and as a result had more time to just practice for the test. The relaxed nature of the lessons also helped with this as I could choose which areas I wished to focus on. This made me feel a lot more confident and ready for the test. Would highly recommend. Thanks, Alex

Grace JenkinsGrace Jenkins
Stewart is a brilliant instructor - he is patient and helped put me at ease from our very first lesson. I particularly like the way Stew encouraged me to assess my own performance after each lesson, which made me think about what I was good at and what I needed to work on in the next lesson. I would highly recommend Stew as an instructor, particularly if you want someone who will help you to become a confident and independent driver who can respond to different driving situations and ultimately ensure you pass the practical test.

Passed 1st time
Stew in my opinion is the best instructor in Lichfield. He definitely goes the extra mile in all of his lessons by tailoring the lesson to you personally. Stew has a high pass rate and is very friendly and easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend stew to anyone looking for an instructor as myself and many people think he is by far the most helpful and pleasant instructor around.